Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Regular exercise has a multitude of benefits, and outdoor and group activity has even more.

All our activities enable you to experience general benefits, including increased energy levels and improved health, fitness, stamina and endurance; more muscle tone, strength, flexibility and mobility; improvements in wellbeing, self confidence, better quality sleep, relaxation and management of stress.

The outdoor environment (and we are so lucky to have Alexandra Park so close) is uniquely vitalising, inspiring, invigorating and motivating, and there is nothing like the feeling of completing a workout in spacious, beautiful and natural surroundings, even if it is dark and below freezing sometimes!

As well as improvements in the maintenance of muscle and lean tissue, blood pressure regulation and lowered body fat; leading to a lowered risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and other ailments, a vital added health factor is having regular exposure to daylight, promoting the body’s natural production of Vitamin D.

The group exercise factor is also highly beneficial. Members provide support and encouragement for each other boosting morale and allowing healthy, safe and fun competition.

And on the social side, there is an ever-increasing core group of people who attend one or more activities regularly, some since Johanna’s first Boot Camp course in July 2008. Jogging buddies and walking pairs have come out of the group, as well as 5k and 10k and Marathon runners.

We also organise regular social events throughout the year, including end of term coffee’s, evening socials and Christmas drinks in local café’s and pubs.

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