Boot Camp Testimonials

The course is great. Really motivating, but also realistic. It was fun to be outside and with others.

I felt the difference after a couple of weeks (6 sessions) and have carried on since the course finished.

I thoroughly recommend it.

Louise, N10

Johanna’s alternative boot camp is great.

I’ve always struggled to find a form of exercise I like, let alone stick to it – the classic couch potato.

But I really look forward to the ‘boot camp’ – it’s helping me get fit in a fun way and I like Johanna’s style – it’s motivating and enthusiastic, and she pushes you just the right amount, i.e. enough to actually make a real difference to your fitness, but not too much!

Liz, N10

I would say that I found the boot camp great for aerobic exercise in a friendly group.

Johanna is very organised and has put a lot of work in to planning the sessions which were varied and well structured. Her preparation in terms of understanding people’s levels of fitness, injury issues and exercise needs was meticulous, and her follow up post session was also impressive.

I liked the fact that the sessions cater for people of all levels of fitness, and they enable you to push yourself as much, or as little, as you want to.

I will be coming back for more.

Max, N8

I was amazed at the difference in my fitness levels after 2 weeks, 6 sessions, on the alternative boot camp.

It was both challenging and fun.

David, N8

After having a baby I really needed help to get back into shape.

Not only did Jo help get me motivated but she also ensured that I did the correct exercises to strengthen my back and core.

I really enjoy the sessions in the fresh air, having some ‘me’ time and feeling the physical and psychological benefits of regular exercise.

I recommend it!!

Anna, N15

Johanna’s classes are amazingly motivational and are truly `alternative` Boot Camps.

You don’t feel bullied into exercising, but gently persuaded! And it’s great being outside in all weathers with an amazing view over Alexandra Palace.

Jo’s onto a winning formula!

Liz, N8

Although I’ve known Johanna both professionally and personally for many years – she used to manage a small gym in the basement of the office block where I was employed, and we worked together in organising some highly successful hill-walking trips for fellow employees – I only started attending her alternative boot camps in mid-2014.

For many years I’ve run on pavements and in parks for basic aerobic fitness, but Jo’s boot camps give me a satisfying whole body workout. Ally Pally Park is a great base, as the boot camps move between a number of different locations in the park, mostly with spectacular views over London. Jo offers a range of sessions each week, and is also careful to vary her programmes weekly so there is no chance of becoming bored!

There’s always a really friendly atmosphere; under Jo’s watchful eye, you work as hard as you wish, rather than competing with anyone else. The purely social side is not neglected either, with an occasional post-work-out coffee in one of the park cafés, and an excellent Christmas party!

Jo has also trained me to Nordic Walk, which for me is really a top-up activity, great for moving along rapidly while exercising the upper body as well as your legs. (I expect it to be particularly useful when I next need to recuperate from some leg or ankle injury which prevents me from running while I recover !)

Apart from her weekly Nordic Walking workouts, there are occasional long Nordic Walks in other rural parts of north London – and of course once trained, it’s also something you can do by yourself or with similarly minded friends.

Tony, Southgate

I have been doing two Bootcamp classes a week with Jo now for four years, during which time I have lost 2 stone in weight and become much physically fitter and stronger. I also had quite major knee surgery in that time, due to an historic skiing injury, and because of my excellent leg strength, was back at Bootcamp within a month, following Jo’s special rehabilitation programme!

Because I have to be careful of too much high impact exercise, I tried Nordic Walking as soon as Jo started her classes, and find it a perfect way to get out and keep fit (with groups or on my own) whilst being kind to my knee joints. My regular 40-minute route around Ally Pally is over 7000 steps, and I really enjoy the social side of the group walks.

Come rain, shine or snow, Johanna’s sessions are now firmly a part of my weekly routine, and best of all, I don’t have to step inside a gym!

Fran, N8

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